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About CDCI Solutions

Founded by Christy Dudgeon, a small business owner who at the age of 20 learned she was in way over her head. There is more to business than just a great idea. After seeking guidance for everything from learning Quickbooks to hiring employees, she spent years growing, improving and reorganizing her and other small and mid size businesses. Now she utilizes all of her failures, scar tissue, successes and experience to get other small businesses on track. CDCI Solutions is your Quickbooks Training, Business Advice, Website Design and Marketing Setup and that outside, unbiased and nonjudgmental perspective that you need as a business owner.

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How we can help your business

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Quickbooks Training

Learn accounting terms and bookkeeping from a business perspective with best practices and practical advice. Learn More

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Small Business Consultant

We help you identify issues and develop and strategic plans to solve them. Budgeting, Forecasting, Employees, Market Share, Empowering your Team.

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Marketing Consultant

Branding, Strategic Market Planning, Website Design and Optimization, Basic SEO Setup, Training for Social Media Content Design and Scheduling. Learn More

Online Learning Industry

"Christy, I just want to say again that I appreciate all you have done and are doing to help get this business started. I’ve no doubt the changes you have developed for the website are the product of a lot of time and care and work behind the scenes. Please know that you are appreciated and I am grateful. The website truly does look so much better. It’s not only more aesthetically pleasing, but easily navigable. It’s something I can recommend to people and feel proud of. I feel optimistic moving forward." J

What our clients say about us....

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"I tell my team and my facebook live group that you kick my butt every time we talk. You hold me accountable but in the nicest way and I don't know what I would do without you. I never could have handled this project and would have long given up." V

Tech Start-Up

"As a small business owner, I would highly recommend Christy for any of her services. Christy's insight and spirit has been instrumental in bringing our path to success into focus." D

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Virtual Consulting

We meet virtually over zoom or Google Meets. Requests for in-person assistance can be accommodated. Schedule a Free Consultation Here

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